The Cost of your Service

The real cost to provide counselling services is $210 per session. However ANI is able to provide this service according to the fee structure provided below due to funding from the Australian Government (see note at bottom of page) and the wider community. Fees currently do not apply to Gambling Help Financial Counselling, Gambling Help Counselling (State funded programmes), Drought Counselling (funding ceases June 30 2016) or the Partners In Recovery progammes

The following fees, based on household income, are payable at the end of each session (a minimum $25 fee applies).


Please note: in regard to Family and Relationship or Family Law counselling, "Annual Household Income" means the combined income of a couple whether or not they are living together at the time of their appointment. However if you are permanently separated and attending by yourself your individual income only will apply.

People will be taken at their word and no one will be asked to provide proof of income or financial status.

As at April 2016


Annual Household Income

(before tax)

Weekly Income

(before tax)

Fee per session


under $20 000 under $385 $25
$20 000 to $30 000 $385 to $577 $45
$30 000 to $40 000 $577 to $769 $65
$40 000 to $50 000 $769 to $961 $75
$50 000 to $60 000 $961 to $1 153 $85
$60 000 to $70 000 $1 153 to $1 346 $95
$70 000 to $80 000 $1 346 to $1 538 $105
$80 000 to $90 000 $1 538 to $1 730 $110
$90 000 to $100 000 $1 730 to $1 923 $120
over $100 000 over $1 923

$120 + $10 per $10 000

over $100 000




















We understand that at times things may be difficult financially so fees can be calculated on your capacity to pay. You will be given an opportunity to discuss your situation with your counsellor and agree on an appropriate amount. Fees may be renegotiated and in some circumstances, such as particular financial hardship, no fee will be applied.

No one will be refused service based on their capacity to pay.

You are requested to give a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation. We trust you will understand the need to charge the agreed fee for each appointment time missed, where due notice was not given.


Fees for services rendered are not tax-deductible, are GST free and there is no charge to provide information and/or referrals to other organisations or programmes.


Please contact your nearest Anglicare Northern Inland office should you need further clarification or information.

Variations to standard fees

  • For non programme related service (eg brokerage or Employee Assistance Programmes) the cost will be based on the maximum fee scale, or as negotiated.
  • For sessions relating to Higher Education or other Course Qualification requirements a fee of $50 will apply per session.
  • After-hours appointments (5:30pm or later) will attract a minimum fee of $50.
  • If a report is requested a fee of $50 per report will apply.


If fees are applicable for group or education programmes they will be available on advertising brochures or when you make your enquiries. If you have any concern about these fees please speak with the receptionist when confirming your attendance.


Note about Government funding

Activity Name: Family and Relationship Services.

Activity Objectives: The Family and Relationship Services aim to strengthen family relationships, prevent breakdown and ensure the wellbeing and safety of children through the provision of broad-based counselling and education to families of different forms and sizes.

Activity Name: Family and Relationship Services - Family Law.

Activity Objectives: Family Law counselling services help people with relationship difficulties to better manage their personal or interpersonal issues to do with children and family during separation.

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