Communication Courses

Listening for Relating - Parts 1 and 2

Have you ever said or heard it said ’It’s so good to get that off my chest”? Most people have thoughts and feelings bottled up inside, just waiting for expression. These two courses are designed especially for people in relationships. They will help you to listen more effectively and to be able to respond appropriately and empathically without being judgmental or intrusive.


Please note: All sharing is voluntary. At least 6 people are required to form a group.


Delivery: Part 1: 12 hrs -2 Sessions (W/E or 2 days)

Part 2: 1 day or two 3 hour sessions.


Conflict Resolution

This course is designed to assist those who are experiencing any form of conflict in their life. It begins by providing some background on the various causes of conflict and then moves on to teach participants how to manage and resolve their conflict issues effectively.


Those attending will learn all about the 12 ‘Conflict Resolution Skills’ some of which include:

  • ‘The Win / Win Approach’
  • ‘Empathy’ and
  • ‘Managing Emotions’


Delivery: flexible, generally 2 days


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