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Most of the beds in medical centres are designed to support patients only up to a certain weight, leaving those who exceed that weight out of question. Bariatric patients are usually large individuals who surpass the size of a normal man. This calls for a reason to have unique beds that can give them the comfort they need while ill.

Remember that such people have a high tendency of falling sick now and then. It is recommended to buy them at home to avoid frequently visiting the hospital because they need as much rest as they can get.

Now let us say you want a bariatric bed for your patient, what will you consider first before buying one? The following points will give you the right answers as there are several types of bariatric patient beds.

Tips of buying a bariatric bed

  • Size

For bariatric patients, the size of the bed matters a lot. You have to know the exact size of your patient to ensure that the bed you get is of the right size. If the size of bed you want is not available in the market, you have to make an order with a manufacturing company to make a customised bariatric bed for your patient. All that said and done, you also have to think about the size of the room where you will install the bed. Make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the bed and also more free space where fresh air can flow easily.

  • Comfortability

A bariatric patient must feel comfortable while lying on that bed because you never know how long it will take for them to find the strength to get out of bed. So you need to ensure that there is a high-density cushion and fabric on top to accommodate the weight of your patient.

If the bed puts pressure on a bariatric patient, he may strain his muscles and become immobile for some time.

  • Safety precautions

The bed should pass through strict tests to ensure that they meet all the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This ensures that the bed will not experience any kind of failure that would inconvenience the patient as well as the caregiver. The bariatric bed should also contain accreditation marks from relevant bodies to indicate that they conform to the standards.

Moreover, it would be an added advantage if the bariatric bed has other precautionary measures such as side rails or safety belts that can help a patient to turn easily with the support of the rails and to keep in place with the help of safety belts.

  • Cost

Although the cost may not matter having to look at the above crucial factors, it is important to also find cheaper options if there are any in the market and cut down on your spending.

How to care for a bariatric patient

You can practise the following points when giving care to bariatric patients:

Keep them in the right position always – a bariatric patient can find it difficult to turn around, so it is your duty as a caregiver to help them turn in the right positions.

Observe cleanliness – again, a bariatric patient may not be able to clean himself thoroughly. Thus, you have to make sure that they get a thorough cleaning once in a while. Also, you need to keep their place clean and even the bed they are lying on to make them comfortable in that environment.

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