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Autumn 2007 Friends of ACS Newsletter

Thursday 1st of March 2007

Dear Friends,

The last edition of Friends brought with it the very sad news that Rev Brian Kirk, who had headed up the organisation so capably for the past 5 years, had relinquished his position to return to parish ministry (for those who may not have heard, he is now the Vicar at Moree).


Despite the old saying that ‘no-one is indispensable’ it can often be quite unsettling whenever an organisation loses such a key staff member. I can well imagine that many ACS staff members and Friends may have felt a sense of apprehension when they initially heard the news of Brian’s resignation. He had been instrumental in overseeing so many advances in the organisation during his tenure, that perhaps some were fearful that the momentum he had established might now falter.


Events such as this serve to remind us that we cannot always be in control of what is happening around us – but that doesn’t mean we need to panic! Paul’s words of wisdom to the church at Philippi are very appropriate at such times:

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything; tell God your needs and don’t forget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest, as you trust in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:6, 7 Living Bible).


What wonderful words of encouragement and reassurance – and of course they are relevant for every situation – not just the loss of a valued staff member!


With God’s guidance ACS will go on. Naturally, with new leadership, some things might change a little, but I am confident that the vision and mission of the organisation to support and strengthen individuals and families throughout our region will remain very much the same.


Acting Executive Director


New Executive Director Appointed

Mr Larry Apthorpe has been appointed as Executive Director, starting March 26, 2007.


Larry is married to Bonnie with one child, one grand-daughter and one future daughter in law (the last three currently residing in Glasgow).


He is a lay-preacher, lay-leader and peoples warden at St Paul’s West Tamworth, and temporary-assistant-stand-in-leader with St Paul’s Youth Group. Also involved in 4th Seed Ministry, an inter-denominational men’s ministry.


Attended the first self-awareness weekend held by Lois in Tamworth, and was in the initial intake of trainees. Was involved in the establishment of ACS both in counselling and in physically setting up premises in Ebsworth St and Kitchener St.


Larry says he has “rubber tree expectations for ACS”.


Development Application

ACS has a DA before Tamworth Regional Council for 34 Denne St (behind 88 Bridge St). If approved, this building will house the main administration and the Tamworth Counselling rooms. LRCCS will remain in 88 Bridge St.


Pending Retirements

Mrs Shirley Shirley has announced her retirement from July. She has been a counsellor with ACS in Inverell since 1993.


Mrs Betty Yeaman will also be retiring later this year. Betty has been counselling in Tamworth since 2001 and in recent years has been the manager of Clinical Services.


Staff Retreat

ACS staff and board members got together at Copeton Dam on 23/24 March for the annual retreat. It was led by Jan Guan from Tamworth. The first day was on the story of Mary (Martha and Lazarus’ sister) anointing Jesus, one of her points being how sometimes our actions will only be understood by God. The second day was on prayer: Jesus praying (when and why); other notable prayers in the Bible; and our prayers.


The food and fellowship was abundant.


Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies

The Chair of the Accreditation Panel, in a phone hook-up with members of LRCCS Academic Board, indicated that the college would be reaccredited to offer the degree, with conditions (the diploma was reaccredited last year). Jenny is still waiting for an official letter outlining the conditions.


Jenny and her staff are now working on getting approval for FEE-Help which will enable students to access Government money to help with paying unit fees.


Staff and Counselling Services

Armidale: Bettina & Frances—Relationship Counsellors; Mattie—Administration. Family/Relationship/Personal Counselling with free Drought and Gambling counselling, free financial counselling outreach from Tamworth.


Coledale Community Centre (Tamworth): Kate—Indigenous Liaison Worker. Family Violence Service and counselling outreach from Tamworth.


Glen Innes: Libby—Relationship Counsellor. Family/Relationship/Personal Counselling with free Drought and Gambling counselling.


Inverell: Shirley & Libby—Relationship Counsellors. Family/Relationship/Personal Counselling with free Drought and Gambling counselling.


Manilla: Haidee—Family Support Worker. Strengthening and Connecting Families Project.


Moree: Wendy, Ran, Jenny M & Donna—Relationship Counsellors. Family/Relationship/Personal Counselling with free Drought and Gambling counselling.


Narrabri: Counselling outreach from Moree.


Tamworth: Ruth, Catherine, Judy, Caroly, Cheryl L, Ros, Jenny R & Betty—Relationship Counsellors; Faith—Financial Counsellor; Cheryl C—Reception. Family/Relationship/Personal Counselling with free Drought and Gambling counselling, free financial counselling.


Life Skills Courses 2007


  • Know Yourself in Tamworth
  • Anger Management in Moree



  • Anger Management in Armidale
  • Grief and Loss in Armidale
  • Anger Management in Tamworth



  • Communication Skills in Tamworth




  • the new Executive Director Mr Larry Apthorpe
  • rain
  • counselling staff as they travel and counsel around the region
  • new staff: Kathryn—Admin Asst for LRCCS, Frances—Counsellor in Armidale
  • progress of the Development Application for new premises in Tamworth and finding an appropriate contractor
  • replacing retiring staff at Inverell
  • finding a new Manager of Clinical Services


Anglican Counselling Service, Executive Director: Larry Apthorpe

Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies, Principal: Jenny Regan

Financial Counsellor: Faith Boehm

Relationship Counsellors: Ruth, Donna, Libby, Catherine, Judy, Cheryl L, Caroly, Wendy, Ros, Frances, Jenny M, Ran, Bettina, Jenny R, Shirley, Betty

Other Staff: Cheryl C, Lois, Fran, Meryl, Carol, Elaine, James, Sharon, Joy, Kate, Mattie, Bruce, Kathryn

Volunteers: Colleen, Eleanor, Jane

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