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Summer 2005/2006 Friends of ACS Newsletter

Thursday 1st of December 2005

From the Pen of the Executive Director


I was reminded last Sunday by a member from my church, St Peter’s South Tamworth, that it was only 21 days till Christmas. It seems the year has flown. Must be my age catching up!


I also preached on the weekend from 1 Samuel 17:20-49 about David and Goliath. What have David and Goliath got to do with Christmas?


As I reflected on the life of David, I realised that the events in his life were no accident. Everything that happened to him, God used to mould his character, give him courage and strengthen his trust and reliance upon God. When he met Goliath, David was ready to take on the challenge but not in his own strength nor for his own glory but “in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel…” (vs 45-47). But even this battle was a stage in David’s life that God used to prepare him to be God’s leader, King over the people of Israel.


The life of David points forward to another king, Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, who through his life, death and resurrection would be king over all of God's people forever (see 2 Samuel 7:11-13). Whereas David brought rest to the land of Israel by war and the bloodshed of others, Jesus will bring rest to people’s hearts through love and the loss of his own blood.


May each of you know rest in your own heart this Christmas as you reflect upon the love of God in the sacrifice of this Son, Jesus (the one who saves, Emmanuel).


Staff Matters

Voluntary Positions:

  • Graphic Artist—to help redesign ACS brochures
  • Architect—to draw up a plan for a preferred building in Tamworth
  • Business or Financial Advisor—to assist in drawing up a Business Plan for ACS

Money Matters

Thank you for your continuing donations, practical support and prayer.


Due to many donations, and the FRSP Drought Funding release, ACS is no longer running on reduced hours (Winter 2005).


The Chair of the ACS Board has sent a letter of appreciation to the staff thanking them for their support in difficult times.


From the Board

ACS is having its 20th anniversary in 2006. The Board has set up a sub-committee to organise celebrations: Wendy Long, Ruth Blakely and Carol Mackerras.


A dinner is being arranged at the Tamworth Community Centre on September 16 and they are looking at producing a book on the history of ACS and LRCCS: Stories from counsellors, friends, past students and staff are invited.


Email: friends@acsdarm.org.au


Snail-mail: Anniversary Committee

PO Box 3052

Tamworth 2340


Problem Gambling Programme

Statistics for the New England, North West areas:

  • 56% male, average age 38
  • 44% female, average age 44
  • Of the clients seen, 77% were gamblers, 12% were partners of gamblers and 7% were other family members.
  • 90% of the problem gambling activity was gaming machines, with clubs (53.6%) and pubs (33.3%) being the most frequented venues for gambling.


In our area, 9.4% of our clients are indigenous, compared with 3.7% of clients over the whole state in this programme.


Pray for wisdom for our counsellors who work with these people.

Pray for the people being counselled in this programme.


Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies

LRCCS now has its own website: www.lrccs.org.au


Graduation Day was very successful with around 120 current students, former ADACTS students, family and friends of the graduates, ACS and LRCCS past and present staff and board members there to congratulate the 6 Bachelor and 13 Diploma graduates.


Some photos from Graduation are on the LRCCS website.


Praise Matters

  • Thanks for the rain
  • Extension for re-accreditation of LRCCS
  • Thanks for the LRCCS Graduation and the positive responses to it


Prayer Matters

  • That the Prince of Peace would be recognised this Christmas in our war-torn world
  • Betty as she continues to recover from an infection in her jaw
  • Faith as her recovery continues
  • LRCCS accreditation
  • ACS Board and the plans for the 20 year celebrations
  • Alternative premises for the Tamworth Counselling Centre
  • Bankruptcy is no longer the final option considered for escaping crippling financial debt - suicide is. Pray for Faith as she works with the clients who come in talking of suicide as their only option, and as she deals with the absolutely heartbreaking stories behind each of the cases she handles.

Anglican Counselling Service, Executive Director: Rev Brian Kirk

Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies, Principal: Jenny Regan

Financial Counsellor: Faith Boehm

Relationship Counsellors: Ruth, Donna, Libby, Catherine, Judy, Caroly, Wendy, Ros, Lynn, Jenny M, Ran, Jenny R, Shirley, Betty

Other Staff: Cheryl, Lois, Fran, Meryl, Carol, Elaine, James, Allan

Volunteers: Barb, Colleen, Eleanor, Phyllis, Karen

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