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Winter 2005 Friends of ACS Newsletter

Wednesday 1st of June 2005

From the Pen of the Executive Director

I want to say than you for your tremendous response to our SOS in May.


Over $13 000 was donated enabling ACS to finish the financial year on a positive note.


Please find enclosed a copy of the ACS Annual Report 2005 that will be delivered at Synod in September. Let me encourage you to read it and pray for the Board and staff as they seek to face the challenges mentioned.


I have just finished reading an article by Gil Cann titled The Failure of Christian Marriage. The article notes that it is a misnomer to think Christian marriages are failing almost as often as the marriages of non-Christian people. The unfortunate result of this misinformation is Christian’s confidence in the future of marriage has been badly shaken and young, single Christians are becoming apprehensive about the whole idea of marriage.


Cann says that marriage is meant to be “the safest, most stable, most secure of all human relationships. It is God's provision for the safety, enrichment, nurture and support of spouses and children alike.” Unfortunately, life experiences tell us otherwise.


What is a “Christian marriage” supposed to look like?


A marriage between 2 Christians does not make a Christian marriage. A Christian couple married in a church or cathedral does not make a Christian marriage. Cann suggests that:

a Christian marriage is one in which both husband and wife live out their marriage ‘Christianly’. They daily relate to each other according to the directions God has given them—respect, honour, and serving one another. Trusting, encouraging and nurturing each other. Listening and learning from each other. Acknowledging mistakes, admitting faults, apologising and forgiving one another. Praying for and with one another, and praying together for others. They express gratitude to one another and thank God for each other. The see their marriage as a means to a greater end, the glory of God and the enriching of others. They live out their marriage in the spirit of Ps 34:3 :’Come, let us exalt His name together.’


Is it possible? Yes, despite our weaknesses, our frailty and the pressures of society to live selfishly, we can seek together to honour God in every aspect of our marriage, no matter how imperfectly.


Put Him first and put each other first, we have a good chance.


Pray for James and Elaine Croft as they conduct Pre-marriage preparation courses to young couples, that their ‘Christian marriage’ may be an encouragement and witness to those couples.


Staff Matters

We say farewell to Nancy Sayer from Tamworth as she heads to New Zealand with husband, Mark


Money Matters

  • ACS has received $3805 from the West League Club in Tamworth to conduct groups for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


  • ACS has received $3 000 for the NSW Country Women’s Association to provide 40 sessions of free drought counselling from the Tamworth office


From the Board

The Board of the ACS took the unprecedented step to reduce family and relationship counselling hours by
26% due to insufficient funding from the Federal Government. ACS receives one quarter of the actual cost of providing counselling to the region. The Board has decided to invite members of the public to write on ACS behalf, asking the government to correct the inequity of the funding so that full services can be restored to meet the growing need in the region.


It is suggested that people write to their local member and/or to


Senator Kay Patterson

Minister for Family and Community Services

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600


Praise Matters

  • Our generous Friends who responded to the SOS in May
  • Inaugural LRCCS Graduation! ! 26 November, Armidale in the St Peter’s Hall at 2.30pm


Prayer Matters

  • Appointment of a counsellor to replace Nancy
  • ACS staff as they seek to care for those who seek help
  • The Croft’s as they model a ‘Christian marriage’ during their pre-marriage courses
  • LRCCS staff and Academic Board as they prepare the documents need for reaccreditation
  • Ongoing submissions are looked upon favourably
  • Future location of the Counselling Centre in Tamworth. Need for funding and a suitable building - approximate cost is $500,000 or $1.2 million for a combined building (counselling, LRCCS and administration)


Anglican Counselling Service, Executive Director: Rev Brian Kirk

Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies, Principal: Jenny Regan

Financial Counsellor: Faith Boehm

Relationship Counsellors: Ruth, Donna, Libby, Catherine, Judy, Caroly, Wendy, Ros, Lynn, Jenny M, Ran, Jenny R, Shirley, Betty

Other Staff: Cheryl, Lois, Fran, Meryl, Carol, Elaine, James, Allan

Volunteers: Barb, Colleen, Jane, Eleanor



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