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Around a quarter of the world lives with a dental phobia which is an alarming ratio to comprehend. Although dental associations around the globe recommend visits after every six months, these people only visit a dentist when the toothache or an infection seems inevitable and the pain goes to an unbearable level. And even then, some people just don’t. There could be many reasons for dental anxiety, people could be fearful of injecting needles into their mouths or drilling into the teeth for teeth straightening adelaide, they have sedation fears or embarrassment about the bad breath or dental hygiene but here we are with some useful tips that would help you overcome the dental anxiety. 

To avoid life-threatening diseases 

Dental anxiety prevents millions around the world to seek proper preventive dental care that is mandatory to nub the risk of any serious disease in the long run. One must understand that its consequences are not only limited to tooth decay or dental pain, but it can also lead to serious infections and life-threatening gumline diseases, and can also induce heart stroke and diabetes. Thanks to the specially trained dentists who are efficient in handling patients who have extreme dental anxiety.  Now if you don’t want a mere toothache to lead you to any life-threatening disease, it’s better to schedule a visit to a dentist on priority. 

Divert your Mind

Usually, the dental anxiety generates from a previous bad experience or any unpleasant side-effects such as substance abuse post-traumatic stress or anxiety disorders or you just have a low threshold of pain. But if your oral health brings you to a dental chair, you should distract yourself rather taking the pain on your nerves. you may use headphones to avoid the drilling sound by playing your favorite music on an art audiobook. you cannot control what a dentist is doing in your mouth but you may keep your hands busy by squeezing a stress ball or playing with a fidget spinner. The graphic imagery is also helpful in taking you to your happy place and distracting you from the reality of the time. Even some dentists have television placed on the ceilings, which is another decent distraction from the pain. 


There is no better way than to share your fears with the dentist. It is the most favorable way to vent out the fear and be able to bond and engage the trust of the dentist. Ask as many questions you want, talk about the procedures that he wants to employ in your mouth, this helps to alleviate the fear. Make sure that your doctor and the other staff are compassionate and easy to talk to. If you don’t see any chemistry, that is not a place for you to go. Thoroughly brush up good dentists around you.

Try mindfulness techniques

Breathing, visualization, or meditation can divert your mind from the pain. during the procedure, just take a deep breath, hold it for a couple of seconds and then let it go. This slows down your heartbeat and relaxes your mind which is the ultimate need of the time. 

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