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Awesome Foursome Pools Resources and Creates a Buzz in Tamworth

Monday 12th of July 2010

A group of four people from quite diverse backgrounds, have demonstrated that through collaboration great things can be achieved. Robyn Cathcart (North West Slopes Division of General Practice), Jenny Croft (Industry and Investment NSW), Kate Arndell (Hunter New England Health) and Bruce O’Hara (Anglican Counselling Service) have successfully pulled off two major health related events in Tamworth.


The foursome is credited with organising the successful “An Evening with Merv Hughes” event for men and the most recent “What Women Want” day. In total the events attracted more than 850 participants.


Both events were completely FREE for participants and made possible through the four organisations combining their resources. “When we first met to discuss the need in Tamworth, neither of us had enough money or time to do what we thought would be of benefit to the community. Once we started talking, we realised as a group we all had similar aims and objectives and if we worked together we could do something really special” said Programs Manager Robyn Cathcart.


“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the two events. To have 250 men in one room laughing and talking about mental health and 600 women networking and reconnecting was a huge success. The overall impact on health in the community from events such as these is really positive” said Drought Worker Jenny Croft.


With the key message for both the events centred around looking after yourself, participants were given a range of information from leading health experts and motivational speakers. In addition to the quality information from speakers, both events allowed people to reconnect with friends, network and have a laugh. One of the organisers, Kate Arndell, commented on the importance of events like this saying “Mental health and wellbeing is a huge and ever growing issue in our community. Particularly in rural areas people can feel isolated and alone. Events like this help to give people knowledge and information but also allow people to catch up with an old friend or have a coffee with someone new - these things can be just as powerful for someone’s overall mental well-being.


When asked “what next” for the organisers, lone male Bruce O’Hara said they were very motivated to keep the momentum of the events going. “We are all charged and ready to launch into something else. After the success of the two events we are looking forward to our next adventure together. Watch this space!”


Both events were supported by North West Slopes Division of General Practice, Industry and Investment NSW, Hunter New England Health and The Anglican Counselling Service.

Authorised: Bruce O'Hara, Project Manager

12 July, 2010

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