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Counselling Service Gets Mobile

Thursday 19th of July 2007
One of the two cars for use by ACS staff
One of the two cars for use by ACS staff

It may have taken over 20 years, but the Anglican Counselling Service (ACS) has recently been able to lease two vehicles, which will assist staff to cover the vast area served by ACS more efficiently.


One of the vehicles is based in Tamworth, while the other is located in Moree. Staff from both Centres, are often required to travel extensively throughout the region for administrative purposes, as well as conducting various courses and/or counselling sessions in outlying towns.


Previously, ACS staff were required to use their own vehicles, however Executive Director, Larry Apthorpe, said that the need to use private vehicles will now be significantly reduced, which in turn will result in a lowering of the travel costs incurred by the ACS each year.


Authorised: Bruce O'Hara, Project Manager

19 July, 2007

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