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Disturbing Child Abuse statistics from the Australian Childhood Foundation’s latest national study.

Thursday 13th of April 2006

The Executive Director of the Anglican Counselling Service, Rev. Brian Kirk is both alarmed and disturbed by statistics from a national study on Child Abuse titled: “Out of Sight-Out of Mind” released by the Australian Childhood Foundation on Tuesday, 11th April


The study found that the abuse of children was lower on the Australian community’s list of concerns than rising petrol prices and problems with public transport. Rev Kirk says these statistics are a sad indictment on Australia’s priorities when the health and welfare of our children are considered a lower concern than transport.


What is even sadder is that these findings have not changed since 2003. The Anglican Counselling Service supports the recommendations of the study for greater education programme to increase community understanding of the impact of child abuse and its prevention in our communities.


The impact of child abuse of our children, on our families, on our communities is enormous. Research tells us that child abuse is a contributing factor in youth suicide, crime, homelessness, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and unemployment in young people and adults.


The Australian Childhood Foundation estimated that the cost of child abuse in Australia in 2001-2002 was nearly $5bn. As a community we all bear the social and financial costs.


The study also found that “31% of Australian would not believe children if they reported that they were being abused.” Rev. Kirk believes that no report or claim of child abuse should be taken lightly. Each report must be taken seriously and investigated.


Our children are a gift from God and have a right to be brought up in stable, nurturing homes where they are valued and loved; where they are encouraged to achieve their potential.


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Authorised: Rev Brian Kirk, Executive Director

13 April, 2006

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