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Increased demand for counselling services across the region

Monday 24th of October 2005

“The Anglican Counselling Service experienced a 9% increase in the number of people seeking access to personal, relationships and family counselling services throughout the New England and North West in 2004-2005,” says the Executive Director, Rev. Brian Kirk.


Significant increases in demand were experienced at the Service’s counselling centres in Glen Innes, Moree, Inverell and Armidale.


The number of children using the service aged between 0-17years increased by 21%; young adults aged 18-21 years increased by 48%; and people aged 50 years or older increased by 25%.


Significant increases in referrals were received from the Family Court, Magistrate and local Courts, and community Legal Centres.


Rev. Kirk says, “The Anglican Counselling Service is grateful for funding it receives from the Australian Government to provide personal, family and relationship counselling services where 53% of its clients are on low incomes or pensions. However, the funding only covers less than two-thirds of service demand for the region.


“Increased funding from the Australian Government is vital to meet this growing need in regional and rural areas.”


Rev. Kirk says, “The staff and Board of the Anglican Counselling Service, which is a non-profit organization, are committed to supporting all families and family members at various stages of the relationship cycle so as to promote healthy and positive family relationships and give the children of our region the best start.”


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Authorised: Rev Brian Kirk, Executive Director

24 October, 2005

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