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Step Families

Tuesday 2nd of September 2008

Counselling Service to offer course designed to assist stepfamilies


The Anglican Counselling Service (ACS) announced today, that it is soon to introduce a new community education course which has been designed especially to assist those living in a stepfamily situation.


Currently in Australia, about four out of ten marriages will end in divorce, one in every three marriages is a remarriage and seven percent of couple families with dependent children are stepfamilies. This last statistic is more than likely an underestimate, because firstly the Australian Bureau of Statistics only counts families where the dependent children live in-house and therefore ignores the many situations where children live in one household but visit another stepfamily household; and secondly because thirty-five percent of stepfamily couples are in de-facto relationships and the family’s status is uncertain.


Accordingly, the Anglican Counselling Service has decided to offer the course Making Stepfamilies Work which has been developed with the assistance of the Stepfamily Association of Victoria.


The initial short course, consisting of two sessions, will be conducted on two successive Thursday evenings on 18th and 25th September from 6.00pm – 8.30pm. Following that, for those wishing to learn more, an additional three sessions will be offered by ACS early in the new year. The cost for the short course will be $55.00 per person, with concessions available. Those interested in attending the course will need to register by phoning the Counselling Service on (02) 6765 2527 during business hours.


For More Information Contact:
Jenny Regan
Phone contact: (02) 6762 5210


Authorised: Bruce O'Hara, Project Manager

2 September, 2008

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