Problem Gambling

What is problem gambling?


Problem Gambling is when a person’s gambling, causes harm to themselves and/or to those around them, such as a partner, family or friends.


When gambling begins to consume more money and time than a person can afford, it can affect many parts of their lives, including physical and emotional health, finances, relationships, work and study.


Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever felt the need to bet more and more money?
  • Have you ever had to lie to people who were important to you about how much you gambled?


If you answered ‘yes’ to one or both of those questions, you may well have a gambling problem.


ANI delivers Gambling Help counselling services and employs trained Gambling Help Counsellors who are able to assist those with a gambling problem. Our service is completely confidential and non-judgemental.


If you think you may have a gambling problem – or if you would just like to talk to one of our counsellors about your gambling habit, you are most welcome to contact the centre nearest to you.


Click on the link to find the centre closest to you.



Client Feedback

I first went to Anglicare just over 4 years ago after being a compulsive gambler for over 30 years. I found the support and advice given both at Anglicare and Gamblers Anonymous invaluable. I have not had a bet of any form for over 4 years and continue to use the lessons learnt to this day. I regularly attend GA and attend group sessions with Anglicare when work allows, showing other gamblers there is a way forward. I am forever indebted to the help that Anglicare provided. The group session with lunch is invaluable as most gamblers have no financial resources and it is often the healthiest lunch they get and hence they look forward eagerly to have the session with the Counsellor.



Gave me better understanding why people gamble and how it becomes a problem.






Funding for this service has been provided by the NSW Government through the Responsible Gambling Fund.







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