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If you are considering buying transport chairs for your medical facility there are several things that you need to keep in mind. It is a known fact that not all wheelchairs are created equal. Most medical facility rely on transport wheelchairs which is considerable smaller and lighter than the traditional wheelchair and is easier to pack into the car.

It is especially handy for people who have to make frequent trips to their relatives home or schedule doctors appointments on almost weekly or daily basis. A transport chair makes it quite easy to access restaurants and hotels.

Before you buy a transport chair there are the following things which you should keep in mind.

Always make sure that the transport chair is comfortable

When it comes to buying a transport chair comfort should be a priority. Transport chairs usually have a pretty basic design and there are not a lot of attachments on it however it is designed to make sure that the person using it is comfortable by sitting in it for a long period of time. Do consider the size of the seat. It should allow enough space for the user to set an ad without having to worry about their comfort. There should also be ample space to add a cushion or a pillow and then enough sitting space as well.

The size of the transport chair

When you are selecting the model for a transport chair you would see that they are available in different sizes and dimensions. If the transport chair is being used for somebody who weighs less than 60 Kgs one with 17 inch seat would be ideal to accommodate anybody in that weight range. Also the 17 inch seat would easily accommodate somebody who is well over 200 pounds as well and the largest size is around 22 inches would be a good option.

Do not compromise on the quality

One of the most important things that one needs to consider when buying any sort of medical equipment is to not compromise on the quality of the product that they are buying. Although a cheap product might seem like an attractive option at that time it might not even give you good value for your money. On the other hand if you invest in a good quality wheelchair you can rest assured that it would be made from the right kind of material either steel or aluminium which is not prone to rusting or breakage either. It is essential that you buy the wheelchair from a reliable supplier. Always ask for the best quality transport chair which is available in the market and then consider three or four options choosing one which you think would suit your specifications.

Choosing transport chairs in hospitals from all the variety that is available is definitely not an easy task but narrowing it down to a model which actually works would be the first step in finding one which works for you.

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