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The installation of the medical office is an important step in the career of a general practitioner. It is a workspace where you will spend many hours each day, hence the need to plan this place in a thoughtful way to optimize your time and guarantee comfort for your patients. it gives a first impression to people who cross the threshold of your door.

Efficiently design the waiting room
Many patients are apprehensive about their visit to their GP, so they must be reassured by setting up a spacious and pleasant waiting room. Choose decoration and colors that reflect your image, while remaining sober. The goal is to put your patients at ease. Also avoid all signs reminiscent of a medical environment or posters hammering anxiety messages unsuitable for some people who fear the visit to their doctor. The waiting room should, as far as possible, be separated from the reception or the secretariat to preserve patients’ privacy.

The equipment needed for your practice depends a lot on your geographic location, your type of installation (isolated or in a group) or even your specialties. In case you practice gynecology, pediatrics or sports medicine, the necessary medical equipment will vary depending on your specialty.

Among the most used medical equipments, one finds the urinary strips, the peak flow meter and the reader of glycemia. For the cardiological examination, the stethoscope is an essential for any general practitioner, it goes hand in hand with a blood pressure monitor. The ECG is almost indispensable for field doctors, whereas in town patients tend to go to the emergency room in case of heart problems. More details on this study in the following paragraph.

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