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The therapeutic equipment, as its name suggests, is intended to heal the patient or to help him in his healing. Among the therapeutic equipment, there are infusion pumps. When the patient has a problem with the circulatory system or when he can no longer swallow his medication or food, everything is sent intravenously. Medicines and food are then injected as a liquid into the patient’s body. There are two types of infusion pumps: the small volume pump and the large volume pump. The first is usually used to inject drugs like insulin. The second is intended to inject a larger solution such as food.

Diagnostic equipment
The diagnosis of a patient always begins with a series of questions. Sometimes this is not enough and the doctor needs to palpate the patient’s body, use a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s lungs or heart, etc. When the disease is complex and is not located on a palpable (external) part, medical imaging should be used. This technique consists in obtaining an image of the human body on a precise part. Several branches of medicine use this technique, including medical photography, microscopy, endoscopy, thermography and radiology. MRI and ultrasound are two concrete examples of medical imaging. Note that today, devices such as the stethoscope, the thermometer, the blood pressure monitor can easily be obtained online, especially onMedicaffaires , a boutique specializing in the sale of medical equipment.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment
Resuscitation is a technique used on a person who has suffered a heart attack. Several devices are used by doctors to resuscitate a person who is no longer breathing. First, there is the defibrillator which is used to operate normally and again, a heart in fibrillation. We speak of a heart in a state of fibrillation when we no longer feel a person’s pulse. On the contrary, when his heart beats quickly and disorderly, we speak of tachycardia. There are several types of defibrillators, including the DSA or semi-automatic defibrillator and the DEA or fully automatic defibrillator. Then, we have the pacemaker which works almost the same way as the defibrillator. The device is implanted inside the chest and its electrodes are in contact with the heart. They transmit current to regulate the heart rate.

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